Value-Based Agreements

Move from volume to value

Incorporate the payer's perception of value to create highly-effective innovative, outcomes-based contracts

The VBA Construction Process - Verpora’s flagship approach to help clients develop their own value-based agreements (VBA). Based on a proven and propriety process encompassing payer psychology, The VBA Construction Process delivers contracts that are simple and highly effective.

Payer Product Assessment (PPA) - it is an unfortunate truth, not all drugs are born the same. Internally assessing a product's strengths and weaknesses, like a payer, can be difficult. PPA provides a totally secure methodology to calculate how payers will value your brand at launch, allowing you to freely assess the optimal contracting strategy.

The VBA Academy - is the only U.S. course which is designed to provide practical assistance in the development of value-based agreements (VBA). The Academy equips delegates with the skills to develop appropriate concepts and demonstrates how to integrate VBA across the business. The course can be run either on a syndicated or customized basis, specific to the needs of a company.

VBA Compendium - an enriching library of real-life value-based contracts between manufacturers and payers across the U.S. The compendium is augmented with a deeper layer of commentary and insight drawn directly from interviews with payers intimately involved in a contract’s generation, development or implementation.

Data Analysis & Payer Segmentation - high-quality data management and analysis is vital to effective outcomes-based contracting. Verpora's team of data scientists have developed a range of propriety data systems to aid VBA activity. From materials and tools for customer engagement, through to payer segmentation, Veprora's team can assist.

Real-World Evidence - the generation, application, and translation of real-world data into evidence to support market access strategies is increasingly vital. Verpora can assist with protocol development, patient and disease registries, non-interventional studies, custom data collection, audit programs, secondary database analysis and predictive analytics.

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